How will my Shiatsu/Acupressure session feel?

Shiatsu Therapy offers a deep yet relaxing experience. If there is discomfort, it is a signal that an imbalance exists within the energetic system. A skilled practitioner will locate these areas and/or points, and apply appropriate pressure within the client’s comfort zone which should “hurt so good”. As the body comes back into balance and releases the excess energy, the discomfort should dissipate. Tension is released, the flow of energy or “Ki” is restored, and the healing process begins. More than anything, it will feel profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Some often say “a weight has been lifted, I feel light and relaxed!”

Is Shiatsu Therapy covered by my Insurance Plan?

Currently, Shiatsu Therapy is not covered under MSP. However, some companies offer Extended Health Benefits which may cover treatment with a doctor’s referral.

Sun Life, Manulife, Green Shield and Equitable Life currently offer select plans to cover Shiatsu Therapy. Please check with your provider for eligibility.            If you’re not covered, please request for Shiatsu Therapy to be added.

Licenced through the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia (STA) Association # 09268


Please wear comfortable clothing such as cotton t-shirt, sweat pants, yoga wear or similar, that allows for free movement and stretching.

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