“What is Shiatsu Massage? I didn’t know anything about it – but after being treated by Lara Baynes, I feel very rejuvenated! Lara explained to me that this type of massage actually helps the body with healing as acupressure is applied not only to help prevent illness but to encourage the body to self-heal, as the massage treats the whole body. The benefits can help both the mental and physical wellness and I can certainly recommend this style of massage!”



“I have an ongoing problem with “back muscle pain” and Lara’s skills give me great relief. I am pleased to recommend Lara to anyone seeking ‘hands on treatment”


Nanaimo, BC

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with doctor’s diagnosis of “tennis elbow” I expected a long recovery period, but after several Acupressure Treatments, I was relieved of the pain, and was able to return to golfing!


Nanaimo, BC

As a busy health professional, I’ve had chronic back and neck pain for years. Lara’s outstanding massage techniques have been my only relief from pain. She is professional, knowledgeable, and provides an outstanding service- I highly recommend her!


Nanaimo, BC

I have suffered for many years with migraine headaches. I had been on prescription drugs and Demerol shots during the very bad attacks after the third massage, I could tell the difference. I am migraine free since 2003! Thanks to Lara, my life has changed dramatically and I am forever grateful!”


Nanaimo, BC

“For 25 years, I have searched for a massage therapist that can reach those places in my body that I can’t describe. There are many massage therapists out there, but very few who have that special gift. Lara has that quiet intuition that knows what your body, mind and soul needs. I only visit Nanaimo twice a year, and both times I book two appointments with Lara!!”


Calgary, AB

“After struggling with chronic, intense headaches, I was referred to Lara for treatment. Little did I know I was about to experience a life changing approach to massage, health and wellness. After the first session, I noticed relief right away. As the weeks of treatment progressed, the relief was almost magical.

Lara possesses many skill sets that set her apart and ahead from any massage practitioner that I have been to. (I have seen a variety of massage therapists, certified and not, chiropractors and physiotherapists). Lara rises above them all.

She has an educated and intuitive approach to her shiatsu services. She was able to assess other ailments that I had struggled with in the past (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and as a result I reaped benefits that I didn’t believe I would. I had been struggling with IBS for about 4 years, and hadn’t found anything that provided consistent relief. Lara was paramount, in me experiencing relief from IBS symptoms. Eight months later, and I am STILL feeling relief.

All set in a relaxing, calming and soothing environment, Lara is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about her field. She shared various resources, books, and demonstrations about various exercises and suggestions. This enabled me to take charge of my own healing. As a result, I am able to maintain my health and wellness goals and prevent future problems from occurring. In this way, Lara’s care and warmth for her clients is apparent. She genuinely wants her clients to be informed about their healing and health and is diligent to make sure this happens.

Lara’s services have changed my approach in accessing massage services. Chiropractors, Physiotherapy and common Massage Therapy are no longer options for me. I will continue to access Shiatsu, all because of Lara.

In sum, Lara is a friendly, accommodating, highly skilled professional practitioner. I trust that anyone who access Lara’s services will improve the quality of their life. I would see Lara again in a heartbeat and recommend anyone who wants to improve their health, experience deep relaxation and prevent future health problems, to have Lara as their practitioner.”

Hannah Slade

Victoria, BC

You have a very healing touch with your massages’. After more than 70 years of wear and tear, my arthritic joints and weary muscles appreciate the relief you provide. The soothing oils and soft music are very relaxing as well, but what I enjoy the most is the wonderful feeling of total and complete well-being after a session with you. Thank you so much!!”

Amy Campbell

Nanaimo, BC

As a very active 60+ year old woman, I’ve had concerns with a nagging and persistent pain in my left hip for a few years. Various diagnosis and subsequent treatments, including painkillers, physiotherapy and chiropractic brought no relief. X-rays showed no damage, so I was at a loss for getting relief.

After my first Shiatsu treatment from Lara, the pain relief was instant. Subsequent treatments allow me to continue to hike, golf, swim and lead an active lifestyle.

I highly recommend the treatment I have received from Lara and will continue with regular treatments to keep up with my active lifestyle.”

Margaret Dooley

Nanaimo, BC

“Thanks Lara!

Being in the bodywork profession, I am always seeking to learn about different modalities and to experience them when possible.
Having heard about Shiatsu for years (as most have) I had however, not experienced a treatment. So it was great to have the opportunity to do so, by a professional Shiatsu practitioner with years of experience.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lara, who is among the relatively few Registered Shiatsu Therapists on Vancouver Island. Experiencing her treatments is superb… within minutes after my first treatment started, I was approaching a state of total relaxation. After about 40 minutes I was drifting in and out of consciousness. This rarely happens to me during a bodywork session! It’s a great feeling and one that we should all try to experience more often.

Not only was I completely relaxed after the session, but my sore neck and shoulders felt much better. It wasn’t a fluff treatment… this type of Shiatsu therapy not only is relaxing but addresses the aches and pains effectively. I have to say I’m very impressed
with her technique and her professional advice as well.

Stress is the source of many chronic pain issues and many of my clients need to de-stress as part of an effective and lasting remedy to their pain… and now I recommend Lara, (honestly and without hesitation) to my clients that may benefit from her Shiatsu

William Huhn

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