Relief from injuries and stress related symptoms such as:

Arthritic Pains, Rheumatism, Asthma, Backache, High Blood Pressure, Car Accident Injuries, Carpel Tunnel, Syndrome, Constipation, Depression, Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Diabetes. Feeling of Cold, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches and Migraines, Infertility, Sports Injuries, Insomnia, Kidney Stones, Menopause, Muscular Pain, Stiffness or Spasm, Neck Pain, PMS or Menstrual Irregularity, Pregnancy, Sinus, Sciatica, Stroke Recovery, Tension from Fatigue or Stress, Tendonitis, TMJ & Whiplash


Please wear comfortable clothing such as cotton t-shirt, sweat pants, yoga wear or similar, that allows for free movement and stretching.

Oriental Bodywork Techniques

Oriental Bodywork Techniques are used to balance and regulate the body, mind and spirit. Working along the energy channels (meridians) disperses blocked energy throughout the body affecting the nervous system. This promotes deep relaxation stimulating the body’s own natural desire to balance and heal itself of pain, illness and disease.

O.B.T. is a hands on therapy using thumb, finger and palm pressure, as well as feet and knees, along the meridian and acupressure points of the body. This treatment is effective in releasing pain and treating all systems of the body. By integrating stretching and breathing techniques, it will leave you feeling renewed and energized!


Shiatsu is Japanese for finger pressure and gently works on the neurological system – relaxing the nerves, which in turn relaxes all systems of the body, releasing pain, tension and fatigue, providing a deep sense of peace. This promotes the body’s own natural healing ability to release energy blocks, which in turn will boost the immune system.

Can be applied on a massage table or a floor mat, with comfortable loose clothing, or integrated with Oils and Massage, it increases vitality, eases aches, pains, tension and fatigue for a very relaxing therapeutic treatment.

“You’ve given me a gift…I feel nurtured and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

J.E. - Nanaimo

“Not only was I completely relaxed after the session, but my sore neck and shoulders felt much better. It wasn’t a fluff treatment… this type of Shiatsu therapy not only is relaxing but addresses the aches and pains effectively.

I have to say I’m very impressed with her technique and her professional advice as well.”

William Huhn

As a very active 60+ year old woman, I’ve had concerns with a nagging and persistent pain in my left hip for a few years. Various diagnosis and subsequent treatments, including painkillers, physiotherapy and chiropractic brought no relief.

X-rays showed no damage, so I was at a loss for getting relief.

After my first Shiatsu treatment from Lara, the pain relief was instant. Subsequent treatments allow me to continue to hike, golf, swim and lead an active lifestyle.

I highly recommend the treatment I have received from Lara and will continue with regular treatments to keep up with my active lifestyle.”

Margaret Dooley, Nanaimo, BC


Acupressure is a gentle, yet deep form of bodywork that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin, activating and stimulating the bodies own energies to help fight illness and restore harmony. This supportive therapy benefits many ailments and also allows for physical and emotional releases.

with doctor’s diagnosis of “tennis elbow” I expected a long recovery period, but after several Acupressure Treatments, I was relieved of the pain, and was able to return to golfing!

S.R., Nanaimo, BC

Acupressure Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a healing modality where stimulation of reflex points located on the feet assist the body in rebalancing, detoxifying, relaxing and de-stressing.

By simply touching the feet using different techniques of applying pressure with the hands, it influences the response of blood, lymph, nerves, fascia and energy throughout the body. A very relaxing but profound modality of healing.

“….it was exquisite! I feel amazing! Thank you!”

D.P., Nanaimo

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is a combination of various techniques that flow freely, stimulating circulation and promoting relaxation of the muscles and body systems. Leaves you with a greater ability to deal with every day stresses.

I have suffered for many years with migraine headaches. I had been on prescription drugs and Demerol shots during the very bad attacks after the third massage, I could tell the difference. I am migraine free since 2003! Thanks to Lara, my life has changed dramatically and I am forever grateful!”

U.W., Nanaimo, BC

You have a very healing touch with your massages’. After more than 70 years of wear and tear, my arthritic joints and weary muscles appreciate the relief you provide. The soothing oils and soft music are very relaxing as well, but what I enjoy the most is the wonderful feeling of total and complete well-being after a session with you. Thank you so much!!”

Amy Campbell, Nanaimo, BC

For 25 years, I have searched for a massage therapist that can reach those places in my body that I can’t describe. There are many massage therapists out there, but very few who have that special gift. Lara has that quiet intuition that knows what your body, mind and soul needs. I only visit Nanaimo twice a year, and both times I book two appointments with Lara!!”

M.S., Calgary, AB

Stress is linked to 85% of all disease.

The best defense is prevention of illness before it starts! Let your body bring you into balance with Oriental Bodywork Therapy and start feeling more energy, concentration, health and vigor.

Live Well

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